Sliding Into Summer

I’m going to link up with Ana and steal her format and content idea. Here’s a quick overview of what summer is looking like for us!

Sliding into summer

Wearing// These jean shorts (because I think they run big so the size makes me feel good and they work for my new post-Kateri body shape. Also, never ever buy from Gap unless it’s 40% off or you’re doing it wrong), my Saltwater sandals (because has Grace ever led anyone wrong?), and a t-shirt. All day, errday.

Eating// sandwiches. For every meal for the next few days because our whole kitchen is packed. (More on that in a minute.)

Our kitchen is completely packed except for one straggler.

Our kitchen is completely packed except for one straggler.

Drinking// LaCroix – tasty, hydrating and free of sweeteners/calories? Done and done.

Doing// a lot of playing at the park. The 3-5 PM witching hour is so much more bearable out of the house.

Sometimes we switch it up and take unflattering, super sweaty selfless at the zoo.

Sometimes we switch it up and take unflattering, super sweaty selfless at the zoo.

Preparing for// our big move! We close on our home on Friday (!!) and there is still much to be done (like packing, switching cable providers, forwarding our mail…and convincing my husband to go out and get us ice cream instead of doing all of the above.)

Reading// In This House of Brede, A Mother’s Rule of Life, and some Flannery O’Connor – all recommendations gleaned from various ladies in the Catholic blogosphere.

Listening// to the Song Exploder podcast. It is ah-mazing. They work with composers/song writers/singers to discuss how a song came into being and its meaning.  Check out the episode on the Downton Abbey theme song, or The Long Winter’s The Commander Thinks Aloud.

Watching// Once Upon a Time. It’s been so good and has some great underlying messages.

Creating// this blog. I sat down and pumped out a few posts tonight and putting some thoughts down has already brought a little peace to my crazy.

Growing// nothing. I literally do not own anything green whose survival depends on me. I guess I’m still guiding Kateri’s growth, but that feels like a stretch. Oh well – black thumb of death over here. Maybe next summer we can work on that. (Sidenote: my mom just called to say she thinks she has pink eye, so it’s possible that I’m growing something nasty in my eyes right now. Is that too much information? Too bad.)

Going// going, going. This weekend is our only weekend together in our new home until August 8th. We just can’t say no to so many awesome opportunities to be with family and friends! Buying a house with a  huge yard was totally a great idea…

At least she lets us relax a little (HAH!)

At least she lets us relax a little (HAH!)

Loving// Kateri’s latest explosion of words/sounds. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of hearing her answer, “What does the Lion say?” Parenthood just keeps getting better and better, and I love it.


5 thoughts on “Sliding Into Summer

  1. Laura says:

    Hey, I just ordered those shorts! I really need stuff that fits my post Daniel body. Glad you guys are going to be moving soon and having so many fun experiences with friends and family this summer! God is good.


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