Slacker’s Guide to a May Crowning (in 7 Quick Takes & with 7 Benefits)


It’s May! May means beautiful weather, a long weekend, Mother’s Day, and a chance to honor our other mother – Mary. One way to honor Mary this month is through a May crowning. There are many variations on this tradition, and I’d like to share what we managed to do this year and how we incorporated a bunch of things that Pinterest tells me I should be doing. Since it took me 7 steps, I’ll be linking up with Kelly for 7QTs!

1. We walked to the park. This scored me some solid exercise time, especially if you discount the fact that we walked as slow as possible (because we walked prior to my morning coffee) and stopped at numerous garage sales to shop.


We picked flowers. Kateri was a bit confused by my instructions and decided she would like to make her Marian crown out of sticks. Oh well – she’ll have to answer for that in heaven. I selected some nice purple weeds. Mary’s going to be thrilled. On the plus side, we did clear the park of some unwanted growths. You could definitely count this as weeding if you did it in your own yard!

3. I made a “crown” of packing tape. Word on the street is that sensory activities are important for little ones. Usually we achieve this by letting Kateri dig up “treasures” (garbage) from her “sensory table” (sand at the park). Today, however, we went above and beyond as she felt the sticky tape. We’re pretty much Montessori experts over here, folks.


I helped Kateri stick the “beautiful flowers” she helped gather onto the tape. Arts & Crafts: done. The creativity is flowing.

5. We talked about Mama Mary and her importance to our faith. This one is actually legit catechesis, although I’ll admit that between Kateri sticking the tape in her mouth and ripping the flowers to shreds our catechesis amounted to “We love Mary because she said yes to God’s plan. She’s the Mama of Jesus!”


The earlier you start 'em, the more therapy they'll need

The earlier you start ’em, the more therapy they’ll need

We prayed a Hail Mary & sang Notre Dame Our Mother, the alma mater of Notre Dame. This is just the latest in many steps of brainwashing our daughter into extreme fanaticism. Luckily it’s perfectly healthy to let your kids know that they’re only successful if they attend school where their parents did 😉 This also counts as music time, because, you know, singing. I’m coming for you, Kindermusik…



We crowned Mary. Kateri practiced her fine motor skills by trying (and failing) to crown Mary. We finally wrangled it on to her head, and she’s now looking quite lovely on our mantle.

And that, my friends, is how a slacker does a May Marian crowning. It costs $0, and helps you check exercise, arts & crafts, sensory play, catechesis, music time, fine motor skills practice and college prep off of your daily to-do list.

How did YOUR May crowning go? Did you find a way to make things even easier?


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