#5Favs Guilty Pleasures

Linking up with Jenna for #5Favs! Here are 5 things I just can’t quit…but probably should.

Image via Chick-Fil-A

1. The iced coffee at Chick-Fil-A Oh my goodness. This stuff is amazing. I love when it comes  not quite all the way mixed up with all the syrupy goodness settled to the bottom. It makes me want to just ask for the syrup by the spoonful. It tastes to me like there’s a mocha flavor to the Original, even though they claim there isn’t. I never ever ever put sugar in my coffee any other time- because it just can’t compare to how delicious this is and it’s not worth trying.

Image via Amazon

2. Any and all detective/psychological thrillers I am such a sucker for these. It doesn’t matter how terribly written – I will read it. If it happens to be a series, I will read every.single.one as quickly as possible. Hit me with your suggestions – I challenge you to find something I haven’t read!

Image via White Plum

3. White Plum tunics I was firmly in the “leggings are not pants” camp – until I got pregnant and understood the sweet, sweet, relief that is elastic waist bands and forgiving tops. While I still have a very strict no-see-through leggings and cover-the-butt combo rule, my favorite outfits are tunics from White Plum and fleece lined leggings. So comfy, half stylish? If I’m wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Image via Absolut

4. Absolut Grapevine  Oooh mamacita. When it’s too late in the day for Chick-Fil-A iced coffee or the little one really gives me  a rough day, a little bit of this mixed with some Fresca let’s me imagine I’m somewhere warm and far, far away.

Image via Culver’s

5. Culver’s concrete mixers  First of all, they use custard. Custard made in the restaurant. Second, the custard to add-in ratio is out of control – especially if you get it made with their Flavor of the Day. I’m a weirdo and will only eat ice cream if it has some sort of add-in in every bite. If there aren’t enough Reese’s/Oreos/other chocolatey goodness for all the ice cream, John gets the rest. He thinks it’s a sweet deal.


5 thoughts on “#5Favs Guilty Pleasures

  1. Efficient Momma says:

    I’ve never tried on a White Plum article of clothing. I might have to try a tunic, those look SO comfy. Also..that ice cream….I wish it wasn’t Lent and 10:30 at night or I’d go get one lol


  2. callherhappy says:

    Wow. I think every single one of these will also be available in Heaven.

    We don’t have a Chik-fil-a around us, so I will take your word for it, but we do have a Culvers…And I’m a little obsessed with White Plum tunics. Glad to hear you are too 😉

    Finally, have you read the Flavia de Luce mysteries? I know they aren’t necessarily “thrillers”, but they are mysteries, and I love them! Working my way through #3 right now.

    Thanks for linking up!


    • Laura says:

      It’s so frustrating that there’s no chickfila here in Michigan yet! But only kind of, because I would be there all the time spending all the money Matt earns for us ;-). We lived across the street from one in Louisville and it was a daily temptation. Now we have to drive an hour to Toledo to get to one- which we have been known to do. Desperate times and such.


    • perfectlytara says:

      My mom had to literally buy them for me because I was being so stubborn about leggings not being pants. I put them on at home and I don’t think I took them off for 8 months. When will I learn that Mom always knows best…

      Liked by 1 person

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